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Providing Clients Effective, Ethical White Hat SEO & Search Marketing Strategies and Solutions That Deliver Real Results…

At Targeted Traffic Solutions we help clients maximize their Search & Internet Marketing potential in revenue generation, online visibility, higher keyword search engine rankings and effective targeted traffic generation.

We first entered the world of search engine optimization and search engine marketing in early 2000. At that time the search industry was not well formed, understood or even ethical at times, and determining whom to utilize to help our own fleet of websites rank well within the search engines was an exercise in frustration more often than not. (Unfortunately that has not entirely changed…)

The benefit of going through the mix of deception, exaggerated claims, often outright fraud and unethical black hat behavior offered as expensive solutions by the search marketing firms and or experts of the day was that it forced me to evaluate our businesses and the future of the Internet as a method of both communication and commerce.

What we realized was that developing powerful, engaging online properties was utterly useless without being able to attract highly relevant, solution seeking consumers that were not only interested in our content, products or services but ready to pay for the solutions we were providing.

The wrong kind of online traffic, or worse the “traffic by volume approach” is nothing more than a waste of bandwidth to your website and business.

The decision was made that we could no longer just build our own websites and hope for the best, determined to learn everything we could about white hat search engine optimization and targeted traffic generation strategies our journey began.

The Search Marketing Industry has gone through phenomenal changes, growth and technological advancements over the last decade. We can honestly say that we all feel incredibly lucky to have been a part of the true “information gold rush” of the digital economy, it’s a time that will never return.

We often think of this period as the evolution that previous generations must have experienced, the shift from audio radio broadcasts to black & white television would be an appropriate example. Long before the often obscure and perplexing terminology of Web 2.0, Social Networking and Social Media Optimization entered our everyday lexicon.

Today our world and the way modern civilization communicates, interacts and conducts commerce has changed forever. The shifts developed by first world nations will enable those of less advanced cultures, nations and societies to evolve at speeds unimaginable even a decade ago. Success is often based on the ability to attain knowledge while minimizing restrictions and undue censorship.

This increased access into more than just the first world has the immediate potential of easily doubling the size of the world economy while it simultaneously forces efficiency and optimization to be the most important asset of all businesses and even governments moving forward.

The point of all of this is simple, if you’re a business, organization or political party that wants to not only stay “profitable” but dominate your particular market you need a rock solid, vertically integrated online strategy that ensures you’re always in front of your potential clients regardless of time, location or excuse. To drill the point even further into the ground consider this, If your not the first thing your current and potential client’s see when they go looking for whatever product, solution or service you offer – Your Competitors Are…

Over the last ten years we have invested in thousands upon thousands of hours of education, training and hands on experience working within every market and niche imaginable (with the exception of markets we deemed unfit for both our moral and ethical code…). Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been invested in the knowledge, experience and hands on know how of our business. Targeted Traffic Solutions utilizes the most powerful tools, data sets and quantitative procedures available.

At Targeted Traffic Solutions we understand what makes the modern and future web click…

Even today Marc, the founder of this company spends upwards of 20 hours a week of his personal time staying on top of the industry and dynamically changing needs of clients with continuous education and practice. His mindset and approach are simple, Never Stop Learning… While Marc dislikes being referred to as an expert in the field of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, his response has often been both simple and eloquent “You Need To Start Comparing Me To Smarter People”

We believe the integration and continued adaption of the digital economy will bring a time of sustained hope, advancement and benefits to those that embrace it.

Welcome to TargetedTrafficSolutions.com, What Can We Do To Help Your Business Today?


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