On page and Off Page Search Engine Optimization

As promised at the end of the last post, we are going to take a brief stab at two of the most important factors in any serious website development project, that is if you want to be ranked well within the search engines for your keyword terms or keyword phrases.

Now once again the purpose of Search Engine Optimization is to have your website and the pages of your website, blog, etc rank and rank well for the keyword terms you have selected… ( I can only hope after doing the correct keyword research )….

Now why do you want free organic search engine traffic you ask ??? Well if you really did just ask yourself that question I emplore you to find the largest object next to you and beat yourself over the head with it… Perhaps a bit over the top but honestly if you don’t know the answer to that why are you even reading this blog ????

Speaking of that I will in a later post be getting to some far more in depth topics that include such topics as “waste of bandwidth”.

On Page Search Optimization and On Page SEO factors

On Page SEO is the process of which we optimize the page content, layout, structure and priority of a webpage to rank as high as possible for a particular keyword, keywords or keyword phrase.

This is the starting point to most quality sites and the goal of correct on page seo-optimization should be marrying the benefits of usability for the human user and crawability for the search engine spiders so that it can easily, without doubt or hesitation index your page and your human visitors land on a page that they were expecting ( surprises are bad for humans and a high bounce rate is a pretty good indicator of the kind of job you are currently doing. )

On page optimization is carried out by several different factor that honestly base around very high quality and laser targeted keyword research. I am absolutely amazed by the shear number of people I come across on a weekly basis that are able to completely screw up the keyword research and analysis of their web properties and then wonder why the results that are being seen are far below what they had hoped for or been promised by a sub standard Search Engine Optimization Services Company or Agency.

Let me make one thing completely clear to everyone if you screw up or half ass your keyword research your website, blog, etc will never reach anywhere near the potential you could and you are more than likely leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table.

Your page should be created completely using XHTML and CSS with as little non semantic code as possible.

As for the content of your webpage it is absolutely critical that your page is corrected tagged and labeled from top to bottom.

This includes simple factors such as a friendly URL string, keyword rich ( within reason folks ) page title, Solid Headings throughout the copy and a balance of core, phrase, long tail and LSI / LSA friendly keywords.

As some of you already know I run a SEO agency and the number of inquiries we get a week from customers asking us to simply perform SEO on their site is astounding.

What is more frustrating to not only us as the SEO provider but to the potential customer is the fact that they have no idea what SEO really involves or what it takes to rank well. A perfect example would be a potential customer I turned away last week, they had a product review website for some clickbank products and had requested that we ” just optimize their site to be at the number one position in Google” …..

Now while this is certainly not impossible; it’s not easy either. The customer did not want us to change the layout or theme of the site in anyway and wanted to see major results in 2 weeks for something like $5000 or so…

The site was created maybe 5 years ago with nothing but table after nested table after nested table, every img alt tagged was spammed to… well you get the idea.

Some people are never going to learn the value of doing things the correct way and if you want to do real business and make real money online all I can tell you is Google is not only the judge they are also the jury and executioner…

I have a client call to get to so next time I will be going over a few aspects of off page SEO which really has everything to do with your Google page rank and the most important part of your websites success as we not only exit the maturity phase of web 2.0 but have the shores or web 3.0 in our sight.

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