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Pay Per Click Advertising gives your website near instant access to qualified search engine traffic. You often can have your marketing message in front of solution seeking consumers within minutes of it being published.

While we do not believe PPC Traffic should ever be a replacement for effective Search Engine Optimization, we do feel that both PPC and SEO used synergistically can give your website a tremendously powerful level of online visibility, which often translates into massive revenue growth.

PPC and the Benefits of Effective Pay Per Click Account Management

  • Instant online visibility and keyword targeted website traffic
  • Often a very quick process from planning to launch
  • PPC is easy to get up and running
  • Pay Per Click Traffic is fairly easy to track and measure for conversions
  • Often no web design, programming or content changes are required for the initial testing phases
  • PPC allows powerful & detailed keyword testing that can be directly transferred into a more effective Search Engine Optimization Campaign for your website.

Pay Per Click Advertising In The Real World Today

In over ten years of being actively involved in the internet marketing and search engine optimization field, it has been a very rare occurrence where a client was not completely shocked by the volume of detailed and time consuming work that goes into developing and more importantly profiting from their respective PPC Campaigns.

Effective PPC Campaigns are often a tremendous amount of work, which includes extensive keyword research, analysis and evaluation in addition to on going testing, with the goal of maximizing a clients return on investment every single day.

Often it seems with the barrier to entry so low for starting a PPC Campaign, many feel their success and profitability are somehow guaranteed. In our experience nothing could be further from the truth.

PPC Management Services and Why You Really Do Need Them….

  • PPC Click Fraud
  • Increased PPC Competition
  • Increased PPC Cost For All Tiers of Keywords
  • Extensive Ongoing Competitive Research
  • Extensive Keyword Research, Evaluation and Testing
  • PPC Optimized Copywriting and Copy Testing
  • Effective Ad Management and Evaluation
  • PPC Ad Split Testing
  • PPC Ad Conversion Evaluation and Optimization
  • Geographic Keyword Conversion Evaluation and Campaign Optimization
  • Site Analytics and Conversion Tracking
  • Budget Spend Optimization while Maximizing Every Ad Dollar Spent
  • The List Goes On, and On…….

The PPC / Paid Search Engine Traffic Space is not for the risk adverse or those without extensive experience and analytical evaluation skills, mistakes are often very costly. If you’re new to the world of PPC traffic generation taking advantage of the experience and technical skill our team has to offer, is in all honesty one of the best investments you can make towards achieving profitability with your PPC & Paid Search Marketing goals.

Our Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Service Overview…

Phase 1: Initial Discovery

Pay Per Click Traffic Generation is a component of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and as such requires a fair amount of careful consideration to be successful.

Critical first steps include the following:

  • Determining a baseline of what you are able to budget towards achieving your ppc marketing goals.
  • Keyword Research and competitive analysis of competitors PPC campaigns.
  • Understanding your current, short and long terms goals of the campaign, and determining metrics that will measure the success or failure of your PPC campaign.
  • Determining your method of tracking, analytics and metrics.
  • Drilling down to your exact target audience for each campaign and keyword set.
  • Exhaustive competitive research outlining effective landing page optimization strategies for each keyword grouping or set.

Our Initial Discovery is a critical step in ensuring your PPC campaign has a solid foundation built on reliable, current data that maximizes your ROI potential utilizing a PPC campaign.

Phase 2: Effective Pay Per Click Campaign Design

After careful analysis and evaluation of the data from phase one, our team will determine the best framework design for your campaign based upon the goals of your website, firm and brand.

This phase often includes the following:

  • Effective keyword / keyword phrase modeling, with respect to monthly count, best method estimated click-thru rates (CTR) and goal / action conversion rates.
  • PPC engine identification, while Google, Bing and Yahoo may be an obvious choice, several niche specific and or social media options allow for very targeted demographic selection advantages.
  • Current site landing page identification, often specific tailor fit PPC optimized landing pages will be professionally crafted for each keyword set, which often dramatically improves conversion rates.
  • Final identification and selection of tracking and reporting tools that will be utilized throughout the campaign.

Points of Importance:

Unless specific information evaluation suggests otherwise, all PPC campaigns are launched using Exact Phrase or Exact Keyword Matching. Content network matching will also not be recommended to any client unless specific targeted opportunities have been identified and you as the client feel its worth a trial run.

During the course of your PPC campaign, evaluation, detailed analysis of keyword metrics, click-thru rates and conversions rates will provide the information required to determine if utilizing other matching techniques such as phrase or broad would be a prudent decision to further scale the visibility and possible revenue generation of your campaign.

Phase 3: Detailed Campaign Development

This stage of our PPC profit maximization system nails down both the short and long term needs of each clients campaign. The majority of campaign intelligence acquired to date is utilized for creative content copy creation for each set of adds.

Upon final approval of the created headlines and message copy further customization of each add group will be adjusted for each PPC engines particular restraints and or compliance guidelines. These factor can range from copy length, maximum number of character per headline, to more specific factors such as both geographic and demographic filtering.

Another critical element to this phase is the required bidding strategy for each campaign to be firmly understood and articulated.

Development Phase Completion Points:

  • Finalized Creative Copy and Headline Development for each keyword and targeted PPC engine.
  • Keyword / Ad Mapping To Existing Site Pages To Be Utilized As PPC Landing Pages.
  • Final Development and Completion of Optimized Landing Pages For Required Keywords.
  • Finalize Tracking and Reporting Tool Implementation.

Phase 4: Campaign Deployment

The deployment phase of the PPC campaign is where all the previous hard work is put to the test online in real time.

All PPC advertisements are uploaded to the respective PPC engines. Once the ads are live extremely detailed analysis will be performed on each keyword set to determine conversion rates and optimization opportunities. The initial market response will allow us to further customize your message to the exact needs of your targeted customers. Multiple methods of testing will be implemented, but A/B split testing will be utilized to maximize conversion efficiency while minimizing ineffective ad spend.

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