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The world of search marketing is not only becoming more competitive, the search engines such as Google are putting more value in relevance and thematic relevance. The quality of incoming links over sheer quantity is an important reality to understand if you truly want to dominate the search engines and own as much revenue generating traffic as you possibly can.

Web Directory Submissions have the possibility of being helpful to general keyword rankings but often provide more value to your entire domains authority and trust metrics overall if implemented correctly from a Search Engine Optimization point of view.

Unfortunately directories have been used for nearly 15 years as one of the internet spammers primary tools, for this reason utilizing directories for traffic and link value back to your website can easily prove to be a terribly damaging activity if carried out incorrectly.

99 times out of 100, search engines and especially google will simply disregard links to your site from directories, even worse if your sites overall link graph shows an abnormal level of links from general directories you should be prepared for the day that your websites rankings take a tremendous drop, that will often be very hard to earn back.

At Targeted Traffic Solutions we are often asked for our opinion on automated directory submission software or bottom dollar websites that will offer a package such as 100 or 1000 directory submission links for $XXX.XXX

I feel it important to answer this question both bluntly and somewhat diplomatically as many people still only learn after they’ve made mistakes themselves, regardless of the guidance they’re given in advance.

If your website / domain is of any real importance to you, I implore you to never utilize any form of automated directory submission software, and never pay for a directory service package that consist of building non-targeted links to your site utilizing a “paid by volume approach”, remember I stated above the little remark about quality over quantity…

So What Makes Our Directory Submission Service Different And Far More Effective…..

As with so many things in life, the devil truly is in the details…

When utilized correctly quality directory submissions can be an immensely powerful asset and long-term investment in your websites dominance within the search engines, especially Google.

At Targeted Traffic Solutions we take an entirely different approach to developing a powerful web directory profile that will empower your website for years to come, regardless of what changes the search engines make to their own algorithms.

Our team of in house SEO professionals have years of experience, access to the most powerful research tools and data sets available.

Web Directory Submission Overview

  • A typical project will start with a through research and discovery phase for your particular market and or niche. Quality directories and communities will be identified, and evaluated for the particular goals of your website.
  • A detailed evaluation of many of your top online organic competitors will be performed, which will include competitive backlink analysis and evaluation. If your competitors have links to their websites from directories, we will be able to determine that for you and ensure your backlink profile will be of much higher quality. A quality engineered directory profile can be a very powerful signal of authority to the search engines, which will help your site with higher rankings across the board.
  • Quality and often unique directory profiles in addition to targeted specific urls will be submitted to the directories that have passed our quality assurance evaluation.
  • Once the directory links have been completed, we will ensure the backlink has been indexed by Google and provide you the google cache information for each link within your final submission report.

While there are obviously countless other steps involved within our process we feel it important to ensure all of our potential clients the following.

Ensure No Duplicate Submissions – Before we engage in the directory link building process, first we ensure your site has not already been submitted. At Targeted Traffic Solutions we do not conduct unethical tactics such as multiple category level submission to individual directories.

Directory Submission Service Timeline

While each job is unique in scope and specific goals, a typical project from start to finish will take between 7 -21 days for completion.

Within this process all of the above steps will be meticulously carried out. At the completion of the project your report will outline the following information.

  • A detailed list of all indexed links to your website from directories that are currently in place.
  • A detailed list of all indexed links to your selected competitors websites from directories that are currently in place.
  • A list of each directory that has passed our quality assurance evaluation.
  • A detailed list of every directory link and profile that has been created for your website, this will include the Google cache date and link for your reference.
  • Additional findings and further recommendations to further expand your websites online visibility, which in turn will drive more qualified traffic to your web property.


Your report will be delivered in Adobe PDF format, and emailed upon completion, further consultation will be available for any needs that arise.

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