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A detailed keyword research, evaluation, selection and implementation strategy is the core foundation of your websites online success, yet sadly this tends to be one of the least understood and methodically implemented activities in over 90% of websites currently online attempting to earn quality search engine traffic.

At Targeted Traffic Solutions we put an enormous amount of effort into crafting a tailor made keyword Implementation strategy specifically for your business and market vertical, all while maintaining and increasing the value of your brand and reputation throughout the online world.

In a perfect world the opportune time to conduct detailed keyword research is before the first line of back end code is ever written, but in practice that is almost never the case.

In fact over 75% of our clients come to us seeking consultation after their site has been developed and is live online, and many contact us with the hope of increasing the quantity of traffic to their sites.

What we advise and implement for clients, and possible clients such as yourself, is to not only increase the quantity of visitors but increase the quality and quantity of qualified visitors to your site seamlessly.

While it would not be practical or even remotely possible to outline and detail all the steps involved in our process of earning qualified traffic to your website, we will attempt to break down a general overview of our approach for your benefit.

Keyword Research Strategy Services

We have found after years of working within the SEO & Search Engine Marketing field that clear precise communication between parties is imperative for success, we start each keyword research evaluation and strategy development project the same way, with an initial client consultation.

The initial consultation with the client can be performed either in person, via telephone or video conference.

This initial consultation allows both our firm and client to accomplish the following:

  • Have the client communicate their current online goals, corporate vision and strategic accomplishments to date.
  • Communicate their current systems of web development, analytics analysis, website core function (past, present and future), content development system either in-house or outsourced.
  • Allow us to understand who your target customer is currently, for example are they located in a specific geographic area ?
  • Do you currently feel that you are positively engaged with your market online ?
  • Do you feel that you are currently missing out on any segment of the market that you would like to attract ?
  • Help our firm understand your current market position and perform an informal SWOT analysis in real time to determine strategic keyword opportunities that have been previously missed or under utilized.
  • Allow Targeted Traffic Solutions to get an in depth understanding of who your core competitors are currently in both the online and offline space and what you feel that your firm and or site can offer at a superior level to them currently.
  • As a result of utilizing the services of our firm for your site’s growth and benefit what are the most critical milestones you would like to see achieved at 3, 6 and 12 month milestones.
  • What commitment does your organization intend on investing into your online presence ?
  • What are possible bottlenecks or restrictions to your online success that you have encountered in the past ?
  • What concerns, fears or questions do you have in any ?

Benefits of an Initial Client Strategic Keyword Research Consultation:

  • Standards of work ethics and commitment are communicated so that clear and accurate expectations can be executed for the direct benefit of you, our client, from day one.
  • Speeds up development time and lowers cost across the board by having the client convey to us exactly what they hope to achieve, allowing us to prioritize our activities so that we are able to best help you achieve them on time and under budget.
  • The “icebreaking effect” helps each party get a feel for each other and makes for a far smoother ongoing professional working relationship.
  • Often we have been told by clients after their initial phone consultation they are themselves refocused and once again truly engaged in winning not only the search engine ranking wars but the online traffic war. A very common sentiment we hear over and over tends to be “I wish I spoke to you earlier…”

The Basics of our Targeted Keyword Research and Evaluation Strategy

Detailed Website Audit

  • We perform an in depth website audit which goes much deeper than just a cursory evaluation used by many of our competitors. Our primary targets for identification fall within the scope of discipline known as On Page SEO or On Page Search Engine Optimization.
  • Identification and classification of your websites core category webpages from most important to least in the eyes of the Search Engines.
  • Identification of sub-category webpages from again the least to most important according to the Search Engines.
  • Identify the keywords and or keyword phrases that are currently being targeted to the above pages within the websites architecture.
  • Perform a detailed keyword ranking report for the identified keywords and pages of your website. The keyword ranking report also know as your sites SERPS or Search Engine Ranking Placement will be performed in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • If you are looking for your current search engine ranking in other search engines please feel free to contact us, we currently have the ability to accurately provide you detailed keyword ranking reports with over 500 search engines used around the world ( and you thought there were only three…)
  • This report in combination with other key metrics identified and uncovered during your website audit allows our firm to clearly and accurately communicate a vivid picture and benchmark of your website in the eyes of the search engines.

Keyword Research and Evaluation Strategy

Without question one of the most important and strategic parts of your Search Engine Optimization game plan.

This particular phase is very detailed oriented, tedious and a tremendously important aspect of your websites success and dominance within the search engines for not only today but tomorrow.

If you are serious about earning the most coveted organic rankings that will literally flood your website with qualified traffic day after day, the importance of this step cannot be underestimated.

In fact the majority of websites and online properties that fail are a direct result of not taking this critical foundational building block seriously enough and its certainly not any secret what happens to any property that is developed on a sub-standard foundation.

Even worse day after day we hear from clients that explain how they underestimated the complexity of targeted keyword selection, failed miserably in-house using a combination of free and paid keyword research tools, hired on a search agency to perform the work based on the lowest bid tendered, the list of mistakes that result in catastrophic web development failure are endless.

This process absolutely revolves around the fundamental principle of garbage in equals garbage out… If there was one area of your web development process that you absolutely did not cut corners on for budgetary reasons this is it…

Our Keyword Research and Evaluation Strategy Workflow Framework

  • Take the existing data we have compiled from the website audit and expand upon the scope and depth.
  • Identify the mindset of a target visitor, compile a wide and broad list of possible keywords and keyword phrases typically utilized by the target visitor, drill the data down further into category level themes of relevance.
  • Utilize specialized tool sets that allow us to built a deeper and far more complete targeted keyword set and branch them into more tightly integrated categories.
  • Evaluate and quantify our compiled keyword list for the initial core metrics,
    • Traffic Potential
    • Keyword Competition
    • Lifetime Value of each Core Keyword.
  • Dig deeper into the online sphere and identify additional valued keywords throughout competing websites domestic and abroad, blogosphere tags, engaging content, web conversations and chatter.
  • Again quantify the keyword data to determine the keyword value to our clients property.

Integrate external factors into our data set which can include:

  • Client budget for optimization of keyword terms and phrases
  • Current and future site wide strategic implementation strategy
  • Possible Legal issues
  • Current Competition levels both domestic and abroad
  • Current Competition levels both National and localized
  • Keywords true traffic potential
  • Keywords conversion potential
  • Existing Site Content
  • Compile our finalized list of keywords prioritized by category level importance, category relevance, volume of traffic potential and a variety of other factors that may be unique to your firm which may or may not of been discussed during our initial consultation.
  • Detailed Keyword Ranking Report for all the keywords and keyword phrases in our finalized compiled list, which give the client an absolutely accurate up to the minute real time benchmark of where they currently stand in the organic search engine rankings & online visibility.

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