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seo article marketing creation & submission service

When implemented strategically SEO Article Marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool for earning powerful one-way backlinks, quality search engine traffic and highly targeted well converting referral traffic to your website.

As with most activities centered around search engine optimization, the devil is truly in the details, and I can ensure you that effective article marketing shows that statement to be absolutely true 100 percent of the time.

When SEO Best Practices are carried forward into a strategic article marketing campaign, the results are often unbelievable, the level of success we have achieved is mind-blowing, especially to seasoned article marketers that previously considered themselves experts in the field.

An effective SEO Article Marketing campaign requires a lot of detailed research, planning and ground work to be scaled into an efficient sustainable system that will ensure your site is rewarded by the search engines.

If scientific attention to detail is not followed it’s common to see websites penalized and even de-listed because an in-experienced individual started building an abnormal link pattern that did not match the existing link graph for the market vertical or niche. If you’re targeting a geographic area that problem can even be more profound.

SEO Article Marketing is a true double edged sword in the Web 2.0 online world, you need to clearly understand the rules and reality, as mistakes are incredibly costly.

So What Is Your Firms SEO Article Marketing System About & How Will It Benefit Me and My Keyword Rankings ?

At Targeted Traffic Solutions we take your online presence very seriously, we understand what’s truly at stake and go well beyond any other search marketing firm online to ensure you’re able to maximize every dollar you spend. As Search Engine Optimization Specialists we know what works and what doesn’t, and more importantly what will get your site in deep trouble with the search engines like Google.

With that said, our system has been tried, tested and tweaked over several years, actually more than a decade now. Our In House Article Marketing Solution involves 4 primary steps.

  • Extremely detailed market research, discovery and competitive analysis within the search engines at both the National and Regional Level. If required we can also incorporate both global, national and city level (local search) analysis if requested by the client.

    This benchmarking of your competitors ensures that we will always be several steps ahead of them in developing highly relevant and actively engaging content for your consumer base. We speak directly to the wants and needs of your potential clients all while having your site branded as the authority within your market.

    When looking at your website from the eyes of your potential customers, (whom have a world of choice literally at their finger tips), ensuring that you’re the site they trust and feel privileged to spend their hard earned money with is what ensures your sites success not only today but tomorrow.

  • Exhaustive keyword research, analysis and evaluation all while matching the relevance and theme of each SEO Optimized Article to the perfectly targeted specifically identified and evaluated webpage within your domain.

    This powerful keyword research ensures that we are able to target each webpage of your site with multiple high value and incredibly competitive keywords in powerful one-way backlinks.

    We also ensure that every page, article we write and back link we earn you does not create a problem with a potential keyword cannibalization issue.

  • Our team of highly trained professional seo copywriters will create highly authoritative seo optimized articles, that ensure you’re receiving the highest possible value from each one-way back link earned. We are able to make sure that unique articles are crafted to ensure you never have a duplicate copy of an article in multiple directories.

    Having duplicate copies of your article on different domains could possibly lead to duplicate content problems against not only your original article but others that may have utilized it, even further lowering the value of potential incoming links, but also lowering the trust and authority factors for your domain site-wide.

  • Article Submission and Syndication is a balance between an art and science, but the true effectiveness of the system is hinged upon the previous work carried out in the prior three steps.

    Often during our extensive market research & discovery we find the most relevant, categorically relevant and powerful directories to have your articles submitted to. The shotgun approach to article marketing does not work and can spell doom for your website.

    We ensure that each unique article is carefully and meticulously placed into the most powerful and relevant categories within the directories.

    We also create multiple article resource boxes that again are completely unique with a carefully selected range of the most important keywords to have utilized within the links anchor text which points back to the most relevant page on your website.

As I am sure you have been able to determine by now, we are sticklers for detail and do not believe cutting corners is of any benefit to your site or our business.

How Do I Know If I Need Your Search Engine Optimized Article Marketing System and Service ?

  • You need to earn more keyword targeted traffic to your website.
  • You are wanting to quickly help increase the search engine rankings of specific keywords and webpages throughout your website.
  • Developing seo optimized content that is scalable, high quality and affordable
  • You need unique articles written for every single directory that you submit to, to ensure that you are not going to be penalized with duplicate content situations in both the article body but also the article resource box and links.
  • Creating, managing and monitoring separate accounts at every single online article submission directory and web 2.0 property that fits within very rigid and quality ensuring guidelines for the long term safety of your website.
  • Not having the existing budget to employ an entire specialized in house seo article marketing division that’s able to ensure the entire process runs seamlessly, but also has the experience to continuously monitor the search engines, and your competitors for opportunities and potentially detrimental negative effects that could very easily harm your website if left unchecked or worse ignored.
  • Intimately understanding the on page seo factors that currently exist within your website and ensuring that the hyper targeted links back to your pages and website are in fact helping not hurting you within the search engines.
  • While this is only a brief list of the most common problems faced by many article marketers both big and small, add on the dynamics of highly professional seo article creation and marketing steps the level of complexity up ten fold.

A Brief List Of Important Benefits Our Customers Are Afforded Using Our Seo Article Marketing System

  • All of your articles are meticulously researched and individually written by our team of in house seo article copywriters. You benefit from having seo copywriting professionals dealing with the entire content creation process; from detailed and exhaustive keyword research and evaluation, market research and competitive intelligence to the finished written copy and finally carefully selected quality assured submission procedures and detailed documented reporting.
  • Not having to deal with creating separate and unique written articles for every single article directory you would like to submit to, and then dealing with a potential document management nightmare.
  • Being able to utilize and unlimited number of authors names that you feel would best represent your companies or sites image.
  • Build an enormously powerful and hyper targeted back link profile that will help your website skyrocket in the search engines at rates you never dreamed possible.
  • Target an unlimited number of keyword terms back to your website and individual webpages.
  • Not having to deal with the directory and article management chaos that often will land on your lap.
  • Ensure everything is in compliance with search engine rules and guidelines.
  • See Tremendous growth in your search engine rankings and levels of highly converting traffic to your website.
  • Brand your website as the defacto authority within your industry or market in record time.
  • Be able to focus on your business and customers while we help take care of the search engine optimization and traffic generation details.
  • And countless others that I’m sure you’re thinking about right now, just imagine the time and money that utilizing our service will save you.

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