SEO Website Audit and Evaluation – SEO Website Analysis Report

SEO Website Audit & Evaluations

Are you currently satisfied with your websites organic traffic levels and keyword rankings from Google & the other major Search Engines?

Online Business today translates into serious competition for your website.

Earring high quality organic search engine traffic is critical to the short and long term success of any web development project, yet earning high quality organic search engine traffic is becoming increasingly more difficult every single day. A trend that will without question continue as the internet evolves and becomes an even more competitive landscape.

With trillions of unique webpages online today and there likely to be tens of trillions of unique url’s in the near future, search engines are becoming increasingly more stringent on what sites and pages found within those domains are being returned for user search queries, often the very customers searching for your products and services right now in real time.

If you’re not showing up at the top of the search engines for your core market keywords that drive sales, leads and revenue within your market or niche today, rest assured that it will continue to become more difficult to do so every single day forward.

The bottom line is dead simple, if you’re not showing up at the top of the search engines right now your invisible online, which instantly translates into the following:

  • Being invisible to your customers or prospects means that you don’t matter. Out of sight out of mind takes on new meaning within the online space.
  • Your Competitors are gaining substantially more traffic, clients, sales, leads and positive brand association within your market every single day that you’re not at the top of the search engines rankings.
  • If you care about your online success, you have no choice but to address these issues immediately and have a rock solid actionable strategy to take over the search engines not just for today but for the foreseeable future.

SEO Website Audit, How Do I Know If I Really Need One Right Now ?

Typical Website Search Engine Optimization Shortcomings that need to be resolved

  • Low Website traffic
  • High Website Visitor Bounce Rates
  • Not Ranking For Primary Core Keywords
  • Low Conversion Rates
  • Recent Website Launch
  • Recent Website Redesign, Overhaul or Migration to a new platform or CMS
  • Lack of SEO Site Benchmarking and Keyword Ranking Valuations

Common Website Technical issues

  • Robots.txt problems
  • Canonical issues
  • Keyword Cannibalization
  • Bloated Code Structure
  • Poorly and or Incorrectly Coded Site Markup
  • Poorly Performing Server Functions and Response Times
  • Server Timeouts
  • Blocking of search engine spiders
  • Search engine spiders traps
  • Poorly formated URL Structures
  • Navigation issues
  • Internal Architecture and Site Framework Issues
  • Poorly created website design and or template
  • And Many More Factors that may be specific to your website…

What is an SEO Audit and More Importantly What Services and Benefits Do I Receive Utilizing Your Firm Over Another ?

Targeted Traffic Solutions Search Engine Optimization Website Audit and Evaluation Report is your first line of defense in the search engine traffic and ranking wars.

Our extensive and detailed benchmarking of your websites internal and external efficiency is the most valuable business decision you can take towards engineering a custom tailored search domination strategy that will allow you to take back ground that has been lost to competitors, often for years.

Our website analysis report puts you back in the preverbal drivers seat, your seo website audit will detail the following information and is broken down into two sections:

On Page Search Engine Optimization Factors Evaluated

  • Keyword Analysis and a list of targeted key phrases
  • A Detailed Keyword Ranking Report With Your Rankings Listed In Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Page Level Keyword Targeting and Evaluation
  • URL Keyword Targeting Evaluation
  • URL Structure and Page Depth Level Analysis
  • Keyword Cannibalization issues
  • URL Keyword Cannibalization issues
  • Duplicate Site Content
  • Domain Canonical Issues
  • Webpage Code and Markup Evaluation
  • Webpage Graphics and Site Layout Evaluation
  • XHTML and CSS Compliant Layout Evaluation
  • Website Foundation and Category Level Architecture Analysis
  • Website Search Engine Indexation Levels In Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Current Content SEO Evaluation and Analysis
  • Current Internal Site / Domain Linking Architecture and Strategy
  • Current Internal Site Linking Anchor Text Strategy and Linking Placement
  • Page Juice Loss Analysis and Identification
  • Unsupported Black Hat Tactics Identification ( This would be a problem that must be corrected ASAP, We do not condone or implement any form of Black Hat and or Unethical SEO Tactics.)
  • Website Usability
  • Analytics Evaluation if available
  • Overall Search Engine Compliance

Page Level Content Structural Analysis

  • Meta Tag Optimization and Evaluation
  • Keyword Targeting, (this has nothing to do with your keyword meta tag)
  • URL Evaluation
  • Page Title Evaluation
  • H1 – H6 Heading Tag Targeting
  • Inline Page Level Tag Optimization
  • Alt Tag Optimization
  • Page Level Linking Evaluation
  • Code to Text Ratio Analysis
  • Image / Video Asset Evaluation
  • Asset pathway naming conventions

Off Page Search Engine Optimization Factors Evaluated

  • Detailed Backlink Analysis and Evaluation
  • Detailed Backlink Anchor Text Evaluation
  • Detailed Linking Root Level Domain analysis
  • Web Server Configuration and Evaluation
  • Web Server Reverse Neighborhood Evaluation
  • Domain SiteMap Evaluation

Other Additional Services That Can Be Added To Your SEO Site Audit

  • Competitive Competitor Intelligence
  • Evaluation of Your Site Against Your Top 3, 5 or 10 Organic Competitors.

The Benefit of Investing in A Targeted Traffic Solutions Website Search Engine Optimization Audit

  • Absolute Website Benchmarking on a Keyword Level and Page / Category Level
  • Accounting For Your Website… We Can Determine Exactly where you are currently and what will be the most efficient strategy to maximize ROI in the shortest amount of time based on your budget, goals and requirements.
  • Our extremely detailed and easy to follow deliverables will literally hold your hand through the process of optimizing your site, helping you achieve the goals of earning those top spots in google and outperforming your competition keyword by keyword.
  • We have over 10 years of experience in Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. We’ve worked on sites the world over in several TLD’s in nearly every market or niche imaginable.
  • We are a complete turn key solution for your business, whether you are looking for a bit of help ensuring your in-house staff correctly implements the recommendations found within our report or looking to work with us directly, having us take care of all the details for you, we have you covered.

SEO Audit Deliverables

  • With the exception of enterprise level sites, we are able to typically complete your detailed and exhaustive SEO Site Audit within 7-10 business days.
  • The professional SEO Audit comes in PDF format and is typically between 25-50 pages in length and contains:
  • A complete evaluation of all On Page Search Engine Optimization Factors and Off Page Search Engine Optimization Factors as labeled above as per your selected Seo Audit Level Selection Below.
  • Crystal clear explanations outlining not only what needs to be changed and why, but more importantly how to actually implement the changes if you feel that your in-house staff would be able to accurately and effectively complete the required tasks.
  • Detailed Keyword Ranking Reports and Benchmarking For Your Site Based On The Service Package Selected Below. (This will be delivered to you via PDF and can be anywhere between 25 – 200 pages in length for a typical site we work with.)
  • The above reports are critically important to your websites future and will allow you to easily monitor the progress of your site within the search engines and as positive changes occur be able to again augment the strength of your domain within the search engines and internet as a whole.
  • A 1 hour phone consultation conference call to go over your report and answer any question you may have.
  • At Targeted Traffic Solutions We don’t just point out your site’s weaknesses we deliver rock solid solutions and then work with your team ensure they are implemented correctly.

Are You Ready To Get Started today

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