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Looking For High Quality, High PageRank, Relevant 1-Way Backlinks With Optimized Anchor Text For Your Websites Rankings? If So You’ve Come To The Right Place…

Quality one-way link building is a critically important step to ensure your website earns higher and higher search engine rankings for the keywords and keyword phrases your site needs to dominate within your market & niche.

Link Building and On-Page Search Engine Optimization are two faces of the same coin in the modern search engine ranking wars, neither works well without the other.

Quality links are built by first having high quality, unique and engaging seo optimized content worth linking to in place within your website.

Effective Backlink Strategies and Link Building Campaigns are unique and individually tailored to fit and accomplish the goals of each websites business model and core objectives.

While earning more high quality organic search engine traffic is an obvious goal, it’s important to look a little farther down the pipeline and understanding exactly how to convert more of that current and future traffic into high economic value paying customers, Our link building solutions ensure that you’re able to accomplish just that…

Backlink Building Services, Signs and Symptoms That Your Site Needs Our Help….

  • Lower than anticipated levels of quality search engine traffic
  • Lower sales and revenue generation than predicted or expected
  • Need more high quality free organic search engine traffic, especially from Google.
  • PPC traffic is converting less effectively, while the costs keep skyrocketing without an end in site.
  • You are not able to outrank your online competition within the search engines for your primary
    keywords, in effect losing leads and sales to your competition 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Lets be honest the list of possibilities is endless.

Link Building Services, An Overview Of Our Solutions

At Targeted Traffic Solutions our primary focus is the efficient and scalable generation of categorically and thematically relevant inbound links to your website through a variety of ethical sources, utilizing a diverse arsenal of battle tested tactics and more importantly proven white hat seo strategies that we have perfected over a decade of first hand experience.

Our link building methods are both ethical and exceedingly effective. Every single link building campaign is custom fit to your exact needs. We carry out an exhaustive benchmarking and analysis of your current inbound link metrics domain wide in addition to a page level evaluation & analysis.

In addition to utilizing our tremendous level of skill and experience, we utilize some of most effective and powerful set of seo tools on the planet, many which cost thousands of dollars a month in service fees. We also have custom tools that are not available anywhere which have been years in the making, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in development & programming and are utilized in-house for producing absolutely astonishing results.

While we are able to harness the power of complicated data sets, a tremendous amount of manual analysis, evaluation and verification takes place to ensure your solution will provide you and your team with the most powerful, strategically implemented and cost effective seo solution available.

Our highly effective link building campaign will literally help your site rise to the top of the search engines with the least amount of time and budget spend hands down.

In addition to a complete backlink benchmarking of your own website, many of our backlink building service packages include incredibly powerful competitive backlink analysis of all your major online competitors in Google, Bing & Yahoo. We not only provide you with a structural framework to the inner workings of your competitions website, we create a detailed blueprint for you, showing you exactly how they are currently outranking you and exactly what steps to implement to outrank them for each & every keyword your targeting within the Search Engines.

Our One Way Link Building Campaigns, A Brief Overview Of Our Solution To Getting Your Site Higher Keyword Search Engine Rankings…

Link Worthy Content Review and Development

There are often a wide variety of link worthy opportunities available for your brand and or site. From contest management, corporate blog management, and video marketing to white papers, linkbait content, images, and lists, the realm of actionable opportunities goes on but here at Targeted Traffic Solutions we can facilitate them all in house, on time and on budget. Our team of Seo experts and professionals will develop and manage a strategic link bait campaign that will power your sites organic one way link building opportunities for a long time to come.

Link Building While Embracing Effective Social Media Optimization

Our effective social media marketing service includes building and participating in various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others related to your industry to create a presence and promote your link worthy content. Within Prominent Seo Communities it has become crystal clear that social media signals are being used by the major search engines more frequently in determining organic search keyword rankings; that’s why the social media piece of your link building puzzle is integral to your overall website ranking goals.

BackLink Development

  • Our custom service packages and backlink building plans are developed with the many facets of your websites current and long-term strategic goals in mind. Our plans may include some or all of the below services:
  • Link Reclamation – Requiring research and time, broken and incorrect links are discovered and corrected.
  • Competitor Backlink Analysis – Reverse engineering your competitors back link profile and obtaining higher quality, more powerful links that are targeted to the most relevant and strategically important pages within your domain.
  • Internal Site Link Optimization - Evaluation and optimization of your websites own internal link metrics for optimization of highly important webpages and category level pages.
  • Authority Articles – Our professional copywriters will develop authority content pieces, and we will work to place them on relevant sites.
  • Targeted Directories – We will conduct the research to find SEO-worthy directories to submit your site to.
  • Commenting – Commenting on blogs and forums or answering questions can garner valuable links and position your site as an authoritative expert within your market or niche when enacted strategically.
  • Guest Posts – Utilizing our industry connections, we seek out guest post opportunities on relevant sites, when applicable.
  • Online Profile Development – We build content links on authority sites by creating unique profiles for your brand.
  • Link Requests – We contact webmasters directly to request links on your behalf, these will never be reciprocal links.

License Content or Data for Syndication

Developing content and distributing it is just one piece of the puzzle. Keeping accurate and optimized link attributions within the content is the other. Licensing content and data can be vitally important for the long-term success of your campaign. The third party sites we distribute your content to are required to maintain your content in the way in which it was originally produced.

Developing Widgets, Badges, Applications and Embedded Content

During our research for the perfect link building campaign to suit your needs we will look at utilizing widgets, badges, and embedded content. These items do not just garner links back to your site, but also traffic! We’ll develop, promote, implement, and manage widget, badge, and embeddable content creation in an effort to create a variety of quality one way links.

During your backlink campaigns research we continually look for opportunities where the systematic and strategic use of custom created and branded badges, widgets and or other embedded content can be utilized for your online property. We can easily develop, promote, manage and implement a wide reaching widget, badge or embedded campaign, which can often result in numerous powerful one way links back to your site with your targeted message every time.

Are You Ready To Get Started today

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