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Within the modern internet, an ecosphere of countless self-publishing options for individuals, corporations and competitors are available within reach of any keyboard, mobile computing device or mobile phone. If not monitored and influenced effectively the outcome can be open warfare on your brand and image in the eyes of the most critical, your consumer base.

From self promoting propaganda spinning political parties, to the rural soccer mom that creates a negative blog post about the “poor quality of your product” (forgetting to mention her “little angel” in a fit of rage tossed it out the side window of the family minivan while traveling 60 miles an hour down some back country road.)

While the two above situations are complete polar opposites, they create the same problem, a poor perception of your company, brand and or product in the potential eyes of those that matter the most to you.

A large segment of people don’t read past the headlines, this fact alone can be unbelievably detrimental to your market position, with even the smallest amount of negative content being published against you.

It should come as no surprise that often bad, attack or negative news seems to travel at the speed of light in comparison to traditional positive stories 99 times out of 100.

With the dawn of the Web 2.0 social media age, mobile devices permit nearly instantaneous viral content syndication, this potential problem has been exacerbated to where no serious brand or website can continue to look the other way and ignore the threat to their customer base and revenue streams.

What it all comes down too is quite simple, all companies, important individuals, websites and the like need to know exactly what is being published about them online, both good and bad.

Up to date accurate information enables a rapid, professional and often cleverly polished response and effective counteraction to any and all damaging negative publicity. The flip side of this coin is that the opposite is also true. Our solutions not only help protect your online identity, we ensure that you’re able to truly capitalize on positive press at a rapid and viral rate.

At Targeted Traffic Solutions we offer a wide range of services, contacting us with your particular needs will often be the most appropriate solution to crafting a system around your exact requirements of not only today but tomorrow.

Our range of services all base around the following methodologies:

Passive Reputation Management: Our monitoring service will alert you to any breaking news or negative stories about your company or brand that are published and indexed within the internet.

Active Reputation Management: We utilize our experience and skills to help ensure that you’re able to get your side of the story across to the people that matter in the most time effective manner possible.

We feel it imperative we ensure you that we will only engage in Ethical Reputation Management Strategies and Tactics.

We will not engage in attempts to hide behavior we believe to be illegal or unethical.

We reserve the right to refuse any reputation management work we feel crosses the line from telling your own side of the story to covering up such behavior.

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