What is Social Media Marketing ?

what is social media networking and marketing

Before we get into any real detail about Social Media Marketing, often referred to as Social Network Marketing, I feel it prudent to at least offer a brief pre-ample into exactly what Social Media is and perhaps more importantly why it matters so critically to your online branding and overall visibility throughout the web.

So What Exactly Is This Social Media Thing ?

Personally I believe the best way to truly understand the basic foundational concepts about Social Media is first to understand what Online Social Media and Web 2.0 is not…

What Social Media is Not

Traditional Industrial Media such as Newspapers, Television Programs (Especially News Broadcasts), Magazines and Print Publications In General are Static Info Centric sources of content & information, whether that be online or off.

At it’s most basic level Social Media is the polar opposite of traditional industrial media, a “one to many” content distribution model.

Social Media is a “many to many” distribution model, in which user generated feedback or input can either help or hurt the original intended message in real time. Social Media often encourages and in fact ensures a more honest and transparent message being syndicated to the masses the vast majority of the time, as half truths or even worse completely fabricated statements are often forced to the surface quickly.

Perpetrators of dishonest messaging are quickly discredited and much of what they’ve put forth will no longer be viewed upon with a positive association, which can be remarkably easily to destroy a brand or reputation that may have taken years to both build & earn.

Social Media is an absolutely unforgiving medium of communication, if you’re considering implementing one of the many social media & networking options into your marketing mix its critical that you have performed the required due-diligence to ensure your messaging reaches the correct group of individuals. As with any search marketing campaign detailed market research and discovery must be performed prior to entering the social conversation.

We can honestly no longer count the number of social media horror stories that have literally begged for our help over the last 3 or 4 years from doing nothing more than skipping or selectively neglecting the step outlined above.

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