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The reality is simple, your potential customers are searching for your products and services online right now…

If your business isn’t online, actively engaging with your market and earning more powerful search engine keyword rankings, your business is dying an ever more accelerated death.

It’s also important to note that this is before the reality of Social Media Marketing requirement interweaved within, it can be overwhelming.  We get it; and we’re here to help.

Traditional industrial media has less and less impact on our daily lives, and that trend is not about to change.

Traditional media such as physical print, cable television and radio provides users with less choice and more restrictions.

In response more and more “everyday people” are choosing to consume the information that matters to them online, on mobile when they want, how they want.

Why this should matter to you is dead simple, if you’re not online and instantly accessible to your current & potential customer base you’re invisible and your current and potential customers will go to your competition 99 percent of the time.

Web Design and Development truthfully was a much more simple and often overlooked second or third tier aspect of business even 5 or 6 years ago. The fact is less people utilized the internet as a part of their daily lives, whether that be personal,business and or social.

Even less people at that point utilized the internet as a lead generation, revenue-stream or method of serious B2B or B2C commerce.

Today that has completely changed. The digital economy is ingrained into what we now are as a civilization.

In fact most people today have the ability to access the internet, private email via high speed wireless mobile connections directly through our mobile smartphone, tablet or even a traditional notebook / desktop computer.

A systematic, well built online presence is essential to your continued success not only today but every single day forward. Earning quality highly converting online traffic is not only becoming more difficult but far more expensive to attain on a daily basis.

The design and overall architecture of your website has huge implications on the overall success of your online endeavor. The good enough approach to online content publication, syndication and distribution that was the norm even as little as 5 years ago would be the kiss of death to your website and investment in today’s modern, highly sophisticated and equally critical online ecosphere.

At Targeted Traffic Solutions, we take your online success very seriously and utilize the following framework for creating highly engaging, search engine friendly websites that earn your business greater revenue and market share much more quickly and efficiently.


SEO WebSite Development Architecture and Framework.

  • SEO Website Planning
  • Market Analysis
  • SEO Website Design
  • SEO Website Implementation
  • Website Testing and Debugging
  • Continued Website Maintenance

SEO Website Planning

Understanding what you’re ultimately wanting to achieve is absolutely critical to the development of a winning website and digital strategy. Building with the end in mind is the first step. With that said typically there will be two separate types of individuals that will visit your site, those looking to purchase a product, service or solution and those conducting online research.

The digital browser that’s looking to purchase your product, service or solution typically has already been through the research process and therefore ready to take action.

Understanding which set of users your site is targeting is critically important to your online success, as both groups have different needs at different times & for different reasons.

Understanding which set of users that you plan on targeting helps tremendously with setting the groundwork for an effective Internet Marketing Strategy.

Understanding your market, niche, online and offline audience is critical to the physical appearance and back end framework of your online property.

Key Points To Understand Thoroughly

  • Who is your target audience?

  • Where does your target audience live and work?

  • What are the typical values, belief structure and culture of your target audience?

  • What will be the most effective voice for your companies online presence?

  • What products would be accepted and or rejected by your audience?

  • What level of personal community interaction would you like to maintain with your audience?

  • What is the most common need or problem faced by your target audience that you’re able to provide a solution to?

  • What specialized or shared vocabulary is utilized within your market or niche? And how can you help position your online property as an authoritative destination more effectively; critical for landing page development.

Website Analysis and Overall Market Assessment

Now that the basics have been thought over, your target audience identified and their needs understood its time to dig a little deeper into your online competition.

Competitive online intelligence is critical to winning the online traffic wars.

Typical Aspects That We Investigate

  • What level of online traffic are your competitors earning from Organic Search Rankings, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing Campaigns and often several other niche specific traffic sources?

  • What goals are your competitors accomplishing? Are there areas in which you can improve on an identified deficiency which will help you capitalize on a confirmed weakness?

  • What options can be implemented to not only set you apart from the competition, but have you viewed as more authoritative and qualified?

  • Keyword Research and Identification of your competitors and final determination of which keywords you wish to focus on and at what stage of the project.

SEO Website Design

Properly executed Search Engine Optimized Website Design requires building an effective site that meets the identified needs of actual human site visitors while simultaneously considering the current and future limitations of search engine spiders and their ability to crawl, index and rank your website within their respective databases.

It is fundamentally important to understand that Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo will not include your website within their search results if your site has violated any of their terms of service compliance requirements and typically will not even bother to crawl your website if unfriendly search engine design has been implemented into your existing site.

Basic Seo Website Decisions

  • Will your site be built as a static html website or be a dynamic database and cms driven online property?
  • What type or category level framework and back-end architecture will best suit your sites goals, current and future content needs?
  • Is your written content created ? Has it been optimized by an SEO copywriter to maximize your sites potential keyword rankings within the Search Engines?
  • What type of internal linking structure will best reward your site within the search engines and minimize the potential of harsh search engine penalties?
  • What type of device do the majority of your site visitors utilize to consume your website content?
  • What are the design and color choices that will best meet the needs and expectations of your target audience?
  • Will the ongoing maintenance of your website be handled onsite with your own webmaster or would you require ongoing service from a qualified solution provider such as ourselves?
  • Do you plan to utilize high bandwidth consuming site elements and assets?
  • What languages are you planning on utilizing for your site; XHTML and CSS, PHP, CFM, ASP, Flash, Silverlight, Ajax, JavaScript, XML, etc.

SEO Website Implementation

At this stage of your website development project its time to get the following steps completed;

  • Site Templates Created For Each Page Type and Coded Within The Appropriate Programming Language.

  • Written Website Content That has been Keyword Targeted and On Page SEO Optimized.

  • Site Asset and Element Optimization Site Wide.

  • Final Site Creation and Optimization, This Includes Full On Page SEO Optimization For each Page of Your Final Website.

Website Testing and Debugging

While debugging is typically more relevant for enterprise level sites that have had customized options built in for usability, areas of more mainstream debugging can involve database integration conflicts, shopping cart quirks, payment gateway conflicts, etc.

Website testing can be thought of as a thorough quality assurance phase which ensures your site is properly polished and presented to the world in the most professional manner.

Testing has many common facets such as code evaluation, ensuring no broken links, spelling and grammatical errors, etc. Often testing will be specialized to each website while taking the final targeted users experience into consideration.

Goals often include ensuring efficient and expected usability, clear navigation structure and related options. During this phase recommendations and feedback can be implemented to provide a better user experience if deemed prudent and or required.

Ongoing Website Maintenance

Now that your site is live online and has hopefully been crawled by the Search Engines important decisions need to be made as to whom will be responsible for updating, maintaining and growing your site.

Truthfully this is where the real work begins, if you have a fully qualified in house team to deal with content creation, analytics analytics, conversion optimization, search engine marketing and critically important search engine optimization then you should be on the right track to being able to compete for traffic, customers and a slice of the revenue.

If you currently do not have an experienced team in place or worse are hoping to juggle all of these important tasks on your own, it would be highly advisable that you speak to a professional digital search marketing agency like ours to ensure your are achieved.

Competing in today’s online economy is becoming substantially more competitive & difficult every day.  Fighting for qualified traffic, leads and sales requires the knowledge of true specialized professionals which have extensive experience and hands on real world know how.

At Targeted Traffic Solutions we’re here to help and our team of in-house search marketing experts can help you reach your online goals on time, under budget day after day.

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